Monday, June 29, 2009

Micheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson a world class perfomer. He will be missed in the music world. Millions of followers. Over 300 million dollars given to charity. We should praise Micheal 40 years in the entertainment business and give him a true goodbye. I heard that there will be a global funeral for Micheal. Micheal father.... what a piece of work. I wished Micheal could've had a childhood. Maybe his life would have been different. This is a good example to parents.... let your kids fulfill their own dreams..... don't live through your kids... I think Joe Jackson wanted out of the Steel mill, and Micheal and his brothers was his meal ticket. God bless the "King of Pop" and let his soul rest in peace. Anyone want to share any additional comments. Did anyone see the BET Awards on Sunday night? What a tribute to Micheal.

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