Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Traveling to Las Vegas

On June 16th I decided to take a road trip. I went to Los Angeles to pick-up my sister and cousin. I didn't know that Las Vegas was so close to Los Angeles. I took Highway 15 into Las Vegas. What a experience. Las Vegas was 100 degrees or above the whole week. What a change from the weather in Portland, Oregon. I felt I was in heaven for 5 days. there is soo much to see and do in sin town. We mostly walked Las Vegas strip and tried to visit as many casinos as possible. The food was outstanding. If you ever wanted to eat great sea food. Go to the Rio Casino .... all you can eat seafood. I think the price range is $29.00. All the seafood you can eat..is worth the $29 bucks. Can you say Lobsters,Shrimps,Clams,Salmon, and much more. What a treat, and the staff is outstanding. The Rio is a few blocks off the strip , but it's well worth the time and effort.


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